An Interview with Grace Jacques

and the alleged true picture of Christ.


        In the May 23, 1974, issue of the Review, it was falsely asserted that Ellen G. White said that a particular picture was most like her vision of Christ.  This rumor or lie has been and is being circulated far and wide of the Truth.  Though you may demand a "Thus saith the Lord" for the support of this allegation, as we have repeatedly done, you will receive none.  The reason is simple.  The assertion that Ellen White endorsed a picture of Christ is false.  It is both sad and shameful that many are following rumor and false opinion, instead of a plain "Thus saith the Lord." 

        On April 1, 1984, my wife Jane and I, with John and LaVeta Nicolici, went to Elmshaven, near St. Helena, California.  We had come to Elmshaven for a tour, and it happened that Grace Jacques, granddaughter of Ellen White, was to be our tour guide.  The interview and tour with Ellen White's granddaughter at Elmshaven in California, was recorded on a small handheld cassette recorder, with Sister Jacques' permission.  As a child, Sister Jacques had lived in the home with her grandmother, Ellen White.  We asked Sister Jacques about the picture that supposedly looked most like Christ.  Grace Jacques, told us that this famous picture, so often quoted instead of a "Thus saith the Lord," and which is supposed to have been endorsed by Ellen White, is a falsely contrived rumor.  Grace Jacques, sister of Arthur White and granddaughter of Ellen White, gave testimony to the allegation of the so-called true picture of Christ stating, "No, she never said anything like that.  It wasn't here (at Elmshaven) when grandmother was here.  No."  Grace Jacques went on to say that the rumor of this alleged true picture of Christ was traced to a neighbor who wanted to sell so-called pictures of Christ.  In fact, Grace Jacques instructed us that there were three different supposedly true pictures of Christ.  She said they were all false stories.  Today, so-called church authorities allege that the infamous picture was stolen from Elmshaven.  Contrary to this, Grace Jacques testified that she and her brother, Arthur White, removed the infamous false picture and placed it in storage at Elmshaven.  When asked why she and her brother, Arthur White, didn't seek to correct the false picture rumor, which is so widely quoted to overcome a "Thus saith the Lord," or point out the truth of the matter, Grace Jacques said that she didn't get involved in theology. 

        Why didn't Ellen White address the problem of making images of Christ?  She did, and so do the Bible, and history in many, many places.  "It has been said by some, 'If Sr. White had a knowledge of the troubles that were coming, why did she not give us warning?'  I answer, Repeated warnings have been given. "  Ellen G. White Pamphlets In The Concordance, Vol. 3, page 473.

        With Sister Jacques' permission, this interview and tour was recorded on a small handheld cassette recorder.  We now make it available at the link below for you to download or listen to.  If  you want to download the audio file to your own computer to make your own CD, click on the file, and when the audio player of your computer opens, do a right mouse click on the audio player while the audio is playing.  Then choose "Save audio as ..." and you can save the file to your computer and burn your own CD of it.  For a Mac, just hold down the mouse button on the file title (before you get to the audio player) till you get the popup menu and select "Download link to disk." 

Interview with Grace Jacques,
Elmshaven, California.  April 1, 1984. 





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